Herbs of Grace premium quality tinctures are entirely manufactured to the highest specification possible in state of the art premises. Full quality control from start to finish is conducted under one roof. All of our botanical ingredients are subjected to the most stringent quality control and are fully audited in accordance with GMP standards. This ensures you receive the finest premium quality herb available.

There are two principle methods of making tinctures. One is maceration the other is cold percolation. The herbs of grace tinctures are manufactured using the cold percolation process. Cold percolation is more efficient in both precious raw material use and the final concentration gradient achieved is greater than the maceration method.

With few exceptions all our tinctures are 1:3 concentrations. This effectively means 1 part of the herb is used to 3 parts menstrum. (The menstrum refers to the alcohol used to dissolve the extract).

Our tinctures are packaged in quality amber glass 100ml bottles which are fitted with a tamper evident cap and medium flow dropper insert to ensure accurate servings.

Please note: WE CANNOT SHIP TINCTURES OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Orders containing more than 2 bottles of tincture will be shipped by UPS guaranteed next day, and so will be charged at £7.95 carrriage.

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