Single Herbs In Capsules.


Herbs of Grace has an exceptional and ever expanding range of single herbs in capsules. The capsules as with virtually all the Herbs of Grace brand are prepared in state of the art GMP and Manufacturing Licensed premises here in the United Kingdom.

The whole process of producing this premium quality range of herbals is conducted under one amazing roof. The entire process follows the most stringent quality control possible from start to finish. This guarantees the customer what is simply one of the finest herbal products available. If you choose to use herbs make sure you purchase them from companies that conform to GMP quality.

Some of our single herb capsules are made from start to finish by hand. Herbs of Grace has always been proactive in making safe botanicals widely and conveniently available in capsule form, this enables us to keep a broad range that is actually often made to order.

 It has always been our policy to use the only best quality premium herbs in our pure herbal products. Please be further assured:

  • All the component herbs are GMP standard & are manufactured in a Manufacturing Licensed Premise.
  • Free from all additives.
  • Free from all preservatives.
  • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.
  • Kosher Capsule Shell.
  • Current Certificates of Safety & Analysis.
  • 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee.

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